AirPods 几乎成了现代人必不可少的配件,也成为了“凹造型”的搭配元素,那你自然需要一款时髦的 AirPods Case 来保护你的科技潮物。


Louis Vuitton Earphone Trunk

Dior 30 Montaigne Case For AirPods Pro 

Fendi X Chaos Metal Charm Headphone Holder

Bottega Venetta AirPods Case

Saint Laurent Monogram AirPods Case

Chanel AirPods Pro Case

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Earbuds Case

Prada AirPods Pro Necklace Case

Gucci Ophidia AirPods Pro Case

Burberry Quilted Lambskin AirPods Pro Case

Kate Spade Glitters AirPods Case

BYREDO AirPods Case

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