《Emily in Paris》里除了时尚穿搭和巴黎景色吸睛,幽默道出关于事业、爱情和人生的各种台词,也值得我们探讨。哪一句台词引起了你的共鸣吗?


Netflix近期热播的时尚剧集《Emily In Paris》 讲述来自美国芝加哥的Emily (由Lily Collins 饰演)意外获得梦寐以求的工作机会,独自闯时尚之都巴黎。虽然遇到文化差异而处处碰壁,但凭着自己的独特想法,也在自我迷失和错误中逐渐成长。

看了剧集后特别有感而发,整理了 以下10 句 《Emily in Paris》台词语录,希望你也能从幽默的台词里找到属于你自己的人生道理。


「我们都想成为《Gossip Girl》的Serena,但我们唯一买得起的东西,只是一个过季的设计师品牌包包吊饰。」

“My friends and I were obsessed with Gossip Girl , we all wanted to be Serena van der Woodsen, and her gorgeous crazy expensive coutures. But the only thing we could afford from any of those designers, was a clip-on bag charm from an outlet mall.”




“You live to work, we work to live.




“Fashion is not about a concept, it’s about looking beautiful.



“Everything is ‘pas possible!’ It’s the French motto.”




“Thinking you can escape life is your problem. You can never escape life. Never.




“”I like Paris but I’m not really sure Paris likes me. Maybe that’s okay. I’ve spent my entire life wanting to be liked.



Desire does not mean lack of respect. In fact, quite the opposite.




“Perfume is like in life, one has to balance the sweet with… the stinky.”



“Smells like expensive sex.

“Better than a cheap date.”




“I don’t want 100% of anyone, and I don’t want anyone to have 100% of me.



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《Emily in Paris》引起的法式热潮,你怎么看?

Peter Su 温柔的文字陪你走过低潮







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